Content Creation

Photographer Mike Peleshok

I’m a Photographer/Videographer/Director based out of Toronto,ON. You can find me either in the studio with musicians, or on the road with them; documenting a behind-the-scene look into recording sessions and performance/tour life. When I'm not doing that, I’m shooting corporate and privately commissioned works.

The past few years have been the most exciting for me, traveling with Johnny Reid on multiple cross Canada tours and worldwide gigs. In 2011, I directed and produced my first mini-documentary of the recording of his album ‘Fire It Up’. The DVD was part of the deluxe album edition. Since then I have shot several music videos and produced work in association with Volkswagen, Warner Music, The NHL, and Universal Music.

I now find myself back at home, spending time in various studios around the city, shooting photo/video content for musicians of all genres. Come and follow along on my Instagram page